Sweet Baby

There is you, sweet baby. I can see you in front of my eyes, how you lie on the floor. I put my face right in front of yours, calling you sweet names, challo kuddi, and you laugh without really looking at me. Your laughter makes me think of sunshine and apple trees. You recognize my voice and stretch out your cute little hands towards me, my cute innocent little baby.

The time I spent as a part of your family, in a way, it’s all thanks to you.

I’m thankful that I’ve had this opportunity, that I met you in my life.

Life is an amazing journey, full of wonders. You’re a wonder. You’re wonderful.

Life could have given you so many opportunities, but now your life is over, after just one and a half year.


I wanted to see you grow up.

I wanted to spend time with you cuddling how we did then.

Sitting on the roof with your mother and you in the sun how we did then.

Now I’m so far and can’t even take your mother in my arms, hug her tight and tell her it will be okay.

How could I even tell her it will be okay.

When her sweet baby died.


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