nikkousuginamikikaidou 004


Inspiration is the beginning.
Inspiration is required for any further process that will take place internally or externally.

The process of inspiration is not limited in time; rather it’s an everlasting state of mind.
It begins with the openness to influences the senses take from the environment or the energy of the soul. Mostly we would probably trace our inspiration back to some immediate sensual experience, even though we don’t know about the inspiration that our soul receives and transmits to our mind.
Through your knowledge and influences, those impressions would be formed into a conscious idea, your inspiration.
The strand of thought begins here.

And at the end could be a desire. It motivates us to take steps that we feel we need to go to realize our idea.
And this is the crucial part I think.
We might have a quite clear idea of where we want to end up, but we don’t know how to get there. This is how we are; we wander around in darkness unless we are guided.
How do we find that guidance.
Actually our idea, our inspiration can be the light for us, which will show us the way until we reach the goal. To make the light shine that bright, it is important to focus on the initial inspiration and make it become present in our consciousness. And just as inspiration is an ongoing process, we need to find this concentration again and again while we walk on the road, to keep the light shining bright.

Maybe that inspiration was caused by something you’ve seen, and now you have an idea that you want to attain and change yourself. Or it’s a change that you need inside yourself, maybe you are aware to the fact that the only relationship that is important in your life, is your relationship to God and so you search to walk on his path to be near to Him.
Whatever it is, you will have this image in mind of the final state of the change that you want to attain. Instead of starting immediately to run on whatever road seems right to you but then soon losing the light, spend some time consciously concentrating on that idea.
The idea might have come from your subconscious mind or your spiritual self, and you are not as clear about it as you think. Only meditating on the inspiration you received can show you how your idea looks in clear daylight. You can see every aspect of the self you will be, once you walked the path to that state.  You will understand why this person is on the level it is, when you see the evolution it has been through.
While walking on the path to yourself, stop at the roadside now and then to meditate on the place you want to go to, not only when you fear your light might go out. This gives us the discipline and the dedication to keep on walking, no matter if the road becomes steep or rocky. The comfort we achieve by meditating on the greater pleasure that is our goal gives us the courage to leave our comfort zone again and again, because we need to walk this way, and we need to find the end.
By exploring our self for why and how we want to reach there, we can see with the light of inspiration along the way.

So my thesis is basically, to not only let the mind be constantly in a state that is open to inspiration, but let our self be constantly in a state of reflection of our motivations. So many of our actions and thoughts are caused by unconscious triggers, but our intentions are what we own and should be making ourselves clear about.


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