Freedom of speech is a liberty that is not afforded uniformly within democracies

Media Diversified

Charlie Hebdo on Aylan Kurdi: the ultimate act of white entitlement?

by Guilaine Kinouani

Few pictures have captured the suffering of Syrian refugees as poignantly as the photograph of Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body lying, face down and alone, on the beach. This picture provided the inspiration for Charlie Hebdo’s most controversial cartoon of late. Captions that accompany the drawing of the drowned child portray him as a greedy, glutinous toddler who died ‘so close to the goal’ while crossing the Mediterranean to get his hands on a ‘buy one get one free’ happy meal deal. Of course, the cartoons and illustrations are satirical. Yet, the depictions have elicited much passion and division. It seems arguments have been centred on two main questions. Firstly, should the publication be able to practice its satirical art and express its political views without censorship? And secondly, should Charlie Hebdo take any notice and…

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